Forrester's Financial Services Forum Europe


Harnessing Technology For ProfitableInnovation

Europe's online finance industry faces a paradox. Onlinefinance is reaching critical mass with nearly 65 milliononline banking consumers. But at the same time, marketpressures are forcing budget cuts and firms are losingpatience with lagging ROIROI. The economic downturn isn't theonly cause of their disappointment. All too often, firms' ITspending, largely defensive and tactical, hasn't been partof an overall strategy to differentiate the customerexperience and improve efficiency. Alles zu ROI auf

Forrester's fifth annual Financial Services Forum Europewill bring together senior executives from banks, insurers,investment and credit firms to debate business models andcase studies of technology deployments that do achieve theirgoals -- increasing customer loyalty, market share, andprofitability. The first day of the Forum will focus on howfirms can harness innovation to differentiate the customerexperience, and the second day will investigate newtechnologies that help increase efficiency and cutcosts.

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