Making screen savers and finding leaks

Do you subscribe to my If not, you're missing out on some really interesting new services. For example, there was , a Web service automation platform, and this week I covered , a free, Web applications building and deployment platform that produces Web applications completely in JavaScript. Oh, then there was recent coverage of , a free cross-platform note storage and management service. See what you're missing

Of course, here in Gearhead, we have our own delights to peruse.

Consider, for example, Ultra Screen Saver Maker. If you need to make Windows screen savers for your organization, this tool is worth looking at because it's simple and fast. You can incorporate still images as a slideshow as well as audio, video, text and Flash animations, and you can test run the results as you go. For output formats you can choose between standard screen saver format (.scr) by itself or in a .zip file, or a self-installing executable file.

I'm still playing with this tool but, so far, it is stable and effective. Priced at $19.95 and licensed for free distribution of generated screen savers, Ultra Screen Saver Maker gets a rating of 5 out of 5. If you'd like a Gearhead screen saver, drop a note to with the subject line "screensaver."

Next, we have a tool that addresses one of your most embarrassing problems: data leakage, the accidental or intentional revelation or transmission of data that, for either basic privacy or regulatory reasons, shouldn't be exposed. It occurs all the time and you can deal with the problem when data is in motion, that is, being transmitted, or at rest, when it is stored.

ROUNDUP: Data leak nightmares

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