Security Intelligence Services - An Oxymoron or the Final Frontier?

Die Meldungen, dass die IT-Sicherheit vernachlässigt wird, reißen nicht ab. Indirekte Bestätigung erfahren sie durch die Nachrichten über eine Zunahme der Computerkriminalität. Doch die Yankee Group prognostiziert dem sich gerade herausbildenden Markt für Sicherheitsdienstleistungen ein enormes Wachstumpotenzial.

Part 1: The Products and the Market

Network security is a reactive process of identifying policies, procedures, vulnerabilities, and threats, and then designing and implementing systems and procedures to ensure a secure operating environment. This process is iterative, and takes hours or days and frequently months to implement. The emergence of security intelligence service providers is flipping this paradigm on its head and claims to make adaptive network security management a proactive process, allowing users to get out in front of the hackers that are trying to infiltrate IT systems.

The Yankee Group estimates that the SecuritySecurity Intelligence Services market eclipsed $3 million in 2000 and is projected to surpass $300 million by 2005, as shown in Exhibit 1. These services aggregate security threat information, create recommendations to plug security holes, and allow users to customize the information that they receive and have it delivered in an actionable format. This intelligence in the security world is similar to what is provided by Reuters or Bloomberg in the financial services industries. Alles zu Security auf

This Report - the first of two that will define the emerging market opportunity for security intelligence services - identifies what constitutes a security intelligence service offering, defines the demand drivers, and identifies the sales channels for these services.

Part 2: The Competitive Landscape

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