World's first 3D full-body scanning booth to create custom you figurines

3D scanner manufactuer Artec Group today announced the U.S. debut of its Shapify Booth, which can scan your entire body in 12 seconds and use the resulting file to print a life-like figurine.

The figurine, which Shapify is calling a "Shapie," is created on a 3D printer in full color.

Artec hopes the scanning booths will catch on in U.S. retail stores, such as Walmart, as well as theme parks and other major tourist sites, shopping malls and airports. Artec has already rolled the booths out in two ASDA supermarkets in the UK. ASDA is owned by Walmart.

Artec is selling the figurines at its demo booths for $50 for a 6-in model, $70 for a 7.5-in model, and $100 for a 9-in figurine. It's suggesting retailers sell them for $99, $139, and $199, respectively. The company is also charging a $50 shipping fee, but the price covers delivery within seven days anywhere in the world regardless of the number of figurines shipped. If you happen to own your own 3D printer, you can also simply buy the 3D CAD file for $20 and print your own figurine.

The company demonstrated the technology this week at the "Inside 3D Printing" Conference in Santa Clara, Calif.

"Shapies are perfect for capturing life's milestones in 3D figurine form like birthdays, graduations, a wedding, pregnancy, or even this year's awesome Halloween costume," the company said in its marketing material.

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