Social CRM for Business: Analytics Can Spur Greater Success


That makes a difference in how you approach it, he says.

Last year, Pombriant wrote a book on Social CRM called, "Hello Ladies! Dispatches from the SocialCRM Frontier."

In the book, he described an article he read about a fellow who brought his custom dress shirt business onto Facebook, where the fellow thought he'd make a killing selling gorgeous dress shirts. In fact, the only way you could buy the guy's shirts was through his Facebook page. You could pick your fabrics, collars, cuffs and the rest.

But the fellow forgot one step.

"He never really paid any attention to the demographics on Facebook," Pombriant says. "He figured that there were so many people there that he'd find some to sell to. He didn't really know that the audience was mostly women. And they didn't buy his shirts. In the article, he was complaining that Facebook was a poor medium for sales."

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