TechEd 2014: Building and managing a global engineering team made simple

Building and managing a team of global engineers and developers might seem like a difficult task, but it can be done more effectively, if not made simpler.

CTO and co-founder of Hoist Apps, Owen Evans, explained how this can be done at the TechEd 2014 event in New Zealand this week.

"If you are looking to build a team that is geographically diverse one of the first things you would need to do is put them in specialisation pods," Evans said.

"This means creating groups of developers that focus on and deliver on one single project or product. These pods can be separate in one office, or they can be pods that are geographically distributed, but people working in a pod focus together on solving one problem..

"You also have to understand remote working. The first think to understanding remote working is to try it yourself. Try working out of the office a couple of days a week to see how it changes your interaction with your co-workers. You have to find talent anywhere and grow, and to do that you have to understand remote working and enable it without the edges," he said.

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